You just found Kenny the Bearded. Lucky you.

Who am I

I wish I knew.

Mostly I'm a Chicago actor who takes his beard a little too seriously and his life a little less so.


What I do

I perform. Most recently I played the charming role of Death in Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins EVERYBODY with Brown Paper Box Company. It was Jeff Recommended and pretty awesome.
You probably missed it.


Things I have done

Below are a few of the commercials that I've been fortunate enough to be cast in.

Ready to work with me?

I'm lucky enough to be represented by Laura Alexander at The Rock Agency.
For any engagement inquiries or casting opportunities, please reach out to her directly.

For everything else, feel free to email me at kennythebearded@gmail

The photos on this page were taken by Sam Doyle at Sam Doyle Photography.
Use him, he's amazing.